BIID Tanzania Launched

BIID extended its work in Africa region and launched BIID Tanzania (BT) as the hub for East African Communities (EAC) countries. Meantime, BIID successfully conducted a Joint Impact Assessment, Services Need Analysis and Designing Business Model Towards Developing A Sustainable Network of Telecentres in The United Republic of Tanzania jointly with Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) and Tanzania Telecentre Network (TTN) to assess the impact of Telecentres and develop a business model to serve the rural underprivileged communities towards improvement of livelihood by using ICT tools.

BIID Tanzania will offer research in broader ICT4D, development of ICT enabled products and services to support private, non-government and government initiatives targeted at rural communities in particular and citizens in general.

BT sees vast range of opportunities in the ICT4D sector in EAC countries specially, in Tanzania using the existing capacity, expertise and knowledge of BIID, Bangladesh. BIID Tanzania wish to be engaged in this sector providing a wide range of services and solutions for all sector of the society. The distinction of BIID Tanzania lies in clear identification of ICT market development opportunities through continuous knowledge management, innovation and development.

It is BIID Tanzania's goal to become the undisputed leader in ICT for Development (ICT4D) sector providing services to both public and private organizations/entities/initiatives in Africa region.